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4 Ways to Turn Obstacles to Opportunities

January 08, 2024 2 min read

“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called hurdles if you couldn’t get over them”

Hurdle Coach, Get Over It

Step 1: Identify Weaknesses

Born a scrawny redhead with freckles (which I viewed as a weakness or different)I felt I was going to have to overcome a few hurdles in life. I never felt like I fit in but when I found out I could run faster then some of the boys in my class, It improved my self-confidenceI I was very good at running hurdles as it helped pay for my college, turning obstacles into opportunity! Little did I know the life lessons hurdling would teach me. Hurdles in life are obstacles that get in the way of us reaching our goals. Sometimes we can even get in our own way if we continue to make excuses for ourself but if we can identify what we perceive as a weakness early on, it can help us focus on making us better, and stronger.

Step 2: Recognize Failure is not Final

What does a hurdler and life have in common? Failure. Do you know how many times a beginner hurdler has to run towards that hurdle before they get brave enough to jump it? Sometimes they even find themselves running around the obstacle, until they finally get up the gall to jump it! It’s not pretty the first few times but the hurdler begins to find success amid failures but they finally succeed if they don’t give up. How many time have you tried over and over again to finally find success? In failure we turn obstacles into opportunities!

Step 3: Get Over It

Perception is key but many people won’t give things a try because of their risk of failing. Once a person accepts that failure is a part of the process, they more quickly can “get over” the fact they failed. As life continues, we improve and start facing obstacles head on. We may approach these new hurdles as a familiar feeling of doubt, but with experience we realize we can do hard things. You have the power to find you’re through each of life’s lessons, because our confidence improves, so do we. Learn to see life’s obstacles as opportunities to grow!

Step 4: Face Challenges Head On

SEEK new challenges! One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give anyone who is struggling with their career, a marriage, confidence, anxiety/depression, etc. is to find a PHYSICAL challenge to focus on. WHY? When we focus on our physical self, our mental/emotional self improves just as much or more. We find confidence to apply for that job and success in our careers. We find overall happiness and that help bring clarity to life’s challenges. Of course as a runner the first challenge I would place in front of you is a 5k. If you aren’t currently implementing an active lifestyle into your daily routine, you should! By finding focus in improving your physical self through you will change your life! I recommend a balance of cardio endurance training and at home strength workouts. You will change your body, free your mind and build perseverance in life.

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