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1:1 Running Coaching

★★★★★ (5/5)

Run Your Health™️ 1:1 Running Coaching unlocks your running potential. Our personalized online running coaching helps you achieve your goals, whether it's your first 5k or a Boston Marathon qualification. Our certified coaches will guide you towards faster, longer, and injury-free runs

Why You Should Commit
Because you're determined to reach new running heights and you've grown tired of cookie-cutter training plans that don't deliver results. You deserve to conquer your running goals, whether it's your first 5k or pursuing a Boston Marathon qualification, and you need a dedicated coach to guide you on this journey.

Who It Is For
This is for anyone seeking to excel in their running journey, regardless of experience level, through customized training designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Our certified running coaches understand the challenges you face and are committed to helping you achieve success.

What You Get
✓ A dedicated 1:1 Personal Running Coach, tailored to your individual needs.
✓ Customized Training Programs and Daily Workouts designed for your goals.
✓ Regular Check-Ins, 1-1 Messaging, and Weekly Coaching Calls with your coach.
✓ Training Calendar for clarity and consistency.
✓ VIP Community Access for support & inspiration.
✓ Race Planning, Preparation, and Strategy to achieve your competitive goals.

Training and Expertise

  • Our running coaches create fully customized training plans, adapting and adjusting based on your feedback, progress, and needs. No one-size-fits-all approach here – our dedicated RYH coaches go above and beyond to ensure your success at every level.
  • Run Your Health ™️ Running Coaches are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
  • Our coaches bring a diverse range of additional certifications and knowledge to the table, including NCI, ISSA, FRCms, FRA, FRC-ISM, CSCS, MEd, PN-1, Bio-Sig 1+2.
  • All RYH coaches remain committed to continuous education year-round, expanding their expertise to better serve you.
  • For specific certifications and expertise, check out individual coach bios.

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