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Health Stacking: What is it and How Can It Help Me Reach My Fitness Goals Quicker?

January 05, 2024 3 min read

“Make One Healthy Choice, Then Make Another.”

What Is Health Stacking

Health stacking is making one healthy choice after another and trying to do this by pairing a new healthy habit with a current action you already take. When stacking “healthy choices” over top of each other over and over again, this helps your body’s systems such as metabolism, the breakdown of foods, the immune system etc. be able to work efficiently and effectively. When your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, health stacking helps you to reach your goal more quickly!

What Healthy Choices Should I Stack?

Health Choices include and are not limited to the following:

  • 8-10 Hours of Sleep
  • Eating a Balance Diet of Real Food
  • Managing Stress
  • Exercising 30-60 minutes a day
  • Getting at least 10,000 steps a day
  • Limiting alcohol and sugar
  • Limiting fried and highly processed foods
  • Eating 5 servings of vegetables a day
  • Not smoking
  • Drinking enough water throughout the day
  • Choosing whole grains
  • Reaching your daily Fiber goal
  • Limiting salt intake

How Do I Start Health Stacking?

A few ways to begin adding healthy habits into your day is by adding the health habit onto another routine activity you do. For instance if you need to get more steps in the day instead of saying “I want to start walking during my lunch break,” when your lunch break begins, get up and go for a walk!”. Usually one healthy habit, reminds you to choose the next. After that lunch walk, instead of heading through the drive through, eat the low carb, high protein lunch your prepped over the weekend. Starting to get the idea?

Where to Begin?

Normally I’d say morning is a great place to begin, it’s a natural START to the day HOWEVER..the real secret is to begin with your EVENING routine. You always hear “routine” but if you think about it..a “routine” is a habit that you get into. We all have a mix of good habits and bad habits of course. I used to be in the habit of having a bowl of ice cream or cereal in the evening. Instead of saying I CAN’T have these things I reframe my thinking as to “a bowl of ice cream isn’t going to help me reach my goal”. I’ve replaced this with another habit, having a warm cup of tea. It’s not the food necessarily I want, it’s just the habit during that time of the day.

Another evening habit that needs tending too is turning electronics off at least an hour before bed, then stacking this habit with heading to bed earlier, while taking the time to lay your clothes out the night before so your workout clothes are ready to go in the morning, decreasing your stress by being prepared. Laying your workout clothes out the night before will trigger the fact that you have a workout to show up for.

This bring you to your MORNING routine. Are you working out in the morning, have you meal prepped so you have an easy grab and go breakfast? What about your food for lunch? What other routines and habits do you need to add to your morning and afternoon routines that will help you reach your step goal, veggie goal and hydration goal? If you need help creating a routine and helping guide your health stacking adventure, because that’s what it is right, reach out to me here or on social media or head HERE to check out my programs that all include health stacking as a part of the program.




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“Your health is an investment, not an expense”

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