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December 11, 2023 1 min read

As the heart of the Holiday Season approaches, stress mitigation is often a forgotten element in our lives.  Most of us are trying to make sure travel plans are finalized and gifts are accounted for.  In turn, sleep and quality nutritional choices are thrown into a tailspin.  Here are a few tips to make sure your adrenals don't start pumping out cortisol by the gallon during the coming weeks.

1.  Set boundaries - DO NOT let added tasks get piled on top of an already full plate.  It is okay to say NO!

2.  Make sure training volume is aligned with recovery parameters.  Do not add additional training load if there are nights where sleep is at a premium and meals are skipped or worse.  It's much better to maintain sleep and quality nutrition and cut training volume by 30%.  You will not shrink or lose your aerobic capabilities by doing this for 2-3 weeks!

3.  Don't forget to supplement!  Utilize zinc and glutamine to fortify the immune system.  Try 30mg and 20g a daily in divided doses of each, respectively.  Additionally, utilize magnesium threonate at 400mg dinner and herbal nutrients like lavendar and chamomile to support calm.  Check the links below and use the code COACH40 for a discount!

L-Glutamine Powder 500 g (17.6 oz) powder - EHealthPro

Zinc+ 90 Count - EHealthPro

Magnesium Threonate 90 Tablets - EHealthPro

Happy Holidays and RUN YOUR HEALTH

Dave Scholz

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