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January 24, 2024 1 min read

With January turning to February shortly, many new fitness plans are meeting their first road blocks.  King on the list is an injury that has developed because the per-requisites for the exercise where not considered.  Among the top offenders for developing said injury is lack of proper workspace between two articulations.

The scope of developing these injuries is beyond the scope of a blog post, but this is a trainable quality that can improve if given the proper inputs.  Typical examples that are common place are closing angle pathologies.  Often times, when bringing the hip or shoulder into flexion, a "pinching" pain occurs as the joint angle shortens. 

DO NOT except this as "getting old" or "part of training."  Fix the problem, then get back to breaking new PRs in ANY area of training you are currently pursuing.

Reach out to me at dave@runyourhealth.com and let's get you started on staying injury free in 2024!

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